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[July 7, 2018 Show]   What's Happened to America's Work Ethic?

Was it always this way? Did employees of the past respond with "it's not my job" or "it's not

convenient right now"? Did the desire to come in late and leave early and spend up to half

of a work day on social media affect businesses of old, or is this a new phenomena. Listen in

as we explore America's Work Ethic, past and present.



[June 30, 2018 Show]   Bonus Years: Care-giving that yields more than you expected.

Many of us find ourselves caring for an elderly relative at some point in our lives. With this

life-transition comes many responsibilities, including managing issues of health, finance,

insurance, residential maintenance, modifications or transitions, communication with family

and more. It can be daunting...but also...surprisingly rewarding.




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